At WheelXChange we want to help you ensure your vehicle is safe for the season ahead.

When you book your wheel and tyre change with WheelXChange, you can also choose to have our skilled technician complete a Seasonal Vehicle Health Check on your vehicle. For only CHF45.

During a Seasonal Vehicle Health Check we will check your car’s:

1. Battery

We will test the battery’s charge to make sure your car starts in the mornings

2. Coolant / Anti-freeze

We will check the strength and levels

3. Wiper blades

We will check for splits or damage

4. Windscreen wash system

We will check its operation along with the level of screen wash and top this up if necessary

5. Light bulbs

We will check for faulty or broken bulbs

6. Windscreen

We will check for chips or cracks, which if left could get worse causing the windscreen to fail

7. Engine oil level

8. Ad Blue level

(Diesel vehicles only)

We carry most replacement parts and fluids in our mobile service vans, so we can normally carry out any necessary repairs and top up fluids during our visit. If we don’t have the right parts with us, we will order the parts and return at a time that is convenient for you.


For more detail on why these checks are important, click here to read our Vehicle Health Check article.

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