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Frequently Asked Questions

WheelXChange.ch is based in and currently services domestic and commercial customers in the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland.

We can change your wheels/tyres whenever you want. We generally recommend October to December to mounting winter tyres and March to June for summer tyres however this will depend on where you drive; for example you may wish to keep your winter tyres on longer if you spend a lot of time in ski resorts.

No, however we offer this service so you can drive away with the peace of mind knowing your vehicle is ready for the season ahead.
We recommend and use Castrol oils and Osram or Bosch bulbs.    

We have two secure locations where we store our customer wheels/tyres.

If your tyres need replacing we will give you a non-obligatory competitive quotation to replace them.  

Our price includes storing your wheels/tyres. This is important for us as we get the opportunity to safety check your tyres and allows the next changeover to be easy and hassle-free.  

No problem, you can arrange to collect your tyres from our depot (free of charge) or we can drop them back to you for a nominal charge to cover delivery costs.
Our team are able converse in English, French, German and Italian. Our Technicians are able to speak in French and English.
Yes, we carry all necessary insurances.
Yes. Email us your details and we can discuss a discount.

Making your booking

Our online booking system is very simple to use.
You will receive an email confirmation of the booking.  We will follow up with an email reminder one week before the appointment and a text message 48 hours before, confirming the details of your Technician.

You can change your appointment on our online booking system up to 3 days before your appointment.  

You will receive an invoice after the appointment.

You can book and pay for your next appointment as early as 12 months before.

Our Technicians are available for change tyres between: 
09h00 – 18h00 Monday to Friday
 and 09h00 – 13h00 Saturday

We will only require your Carte Gris when you order replacement tyres/wheels from us.

We give you the option to collect your wheels/tyres free of charge before your appointment. This can be organised using our online system. This is our preferred option as we have the opportunity to check your tyres are safe before fitting to your car.

Your appointment

Between 30-60 minutes depending upon the size of your wheels.
We are willing and able to come to you wherever you are. We need to be able to get our van within 10m of your vehicle and we need approximately 600mm around your car to work safely to make the replacement. Our van has a height restriction of 2.3m. Of course, you will need permission of the property owner to allow us to change your wheels where ever your car is parked.
You do not need to be there however we will require your car keys in case of any alarms and the Technician will need your locking wheel nut (if fitted). Some customers are happy to leave these with a designated person (neighbour or Company reception) if you are busy. We will return your keys to this person once the work has been carried out.  Just let us know in advance where they will be using the online booking system.

You can amend your appointment on our online booking system, up to 3 days before your appointment.

If you have booked a Vehicle Health Check we normally aim to carry out all necessary work needed during our visit, however some specialist parts may require ordering and we will arrange a convenient time with you to complete the job. You will be invoiced for any repairs, replacements or fluid top ups after the appointment.

Our Technician will text you to confirm the work has been carried out. Within 48 hours of the appointment we will send you a report on the condition of your tyres and if you choose a seasonal health check, the details of the necessary actions.  

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